be kind to your body. you'll have only one.

Welcome to my newest blog – Body Temple!  I do believe my body is a temple.  I’m not a particular fan of reincarnation, so I plan on living a long time and getting the most out of my body.  I try to eat healthily and exercise.  I minimize the amount of junk I eat, including meat.  I trim away my split ends, and I don’t use hot tools or too much product on my hair.  Often, I put on a bit of makeup and sometimes I wear none at all.

But as I age, I have slowly dawned on the idea that I do not take outstanding care of my temple.  The floor has cracked and the roof leaks.  I have reduced eating habits and struggle to keep moving.

Back in January, I vowed not to make any resolutions.  Resolutions don’t work.  I set an intention to move more.  And I persevered through it for a bit and sat on the bench too much.

As March comes, I want to find balance.  Through this blog, I will explore different points of wellness.  Ways to care for the temple.  When the roof leaks and the crying continue perhaps a mental health post; or when the floor cracks and the feet are sore may be a physical care post.  Or maybe something else will come up.  Let’s step on the path and see what is ahead.

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